Songs of the Saviour

Christmas 2023

25th December 2023 Seeing Jesus in the Nativity Ps Josh Hartog

Luke 2:1-7

We are all familiar with nativity scenes, with figurines or Mary and Joseph standing beside the manger with little baby Jesus, surrounded by the shepherds, and the wisemen, and an angel or two, and a few animals. This Christmas we’re going to look at how those well-known figures in the Christmas story reveal something of Jesus. And ultimately, we’re going to ask how this Christmas we can reflect something of Jesus as well.

24th December 2023 Adore the Lord Ps Josh Hartog

Luke 1:46-55

To adore something expresses how we feel about the things we love. It’s not a word that appears in our English translations of the Bible, but it is used over and over in the songs we use to worship God, and especially in Christmas Carols. This Sunday we’re going to look at Mary’s song of adoration. We’re going to see who this Lord is that we are to adore; why we are to adore him; and what it looks like to adore the Lord. Come and have your heart filled with adoration for our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

17th December 2023 Wise Men Change Their Minds Ps Josh Hartog

Matthew 2:1-12

We all have attitudes and desires and motivations and behaviours and thoughts that need to change. This Sunday we’re going to look at how the wisemen changed their minds. In response to a divine word they made a firm decision to dedicated action. We’re going to look at two New Testament examples: the rich young ruler, who couldn’t change his mind; and Zacchaeus, who radically changed his mind. And we’re going to look at four things that Jesus might be calling you to change your mind about this Christmas.

10th December 2023 When God Speaks Ps Josh Hartog

Luke 2:8-20

This Sunday we’re going to focus on the shepherds in Luke 2, but not on what they saw, but on what they heard. God spoke to these shepherds, and it changed their lives. This Sunday we’re going to look at how God speaks to us today. And we’re going to see how the shepherds responded when God spoke to them. Like the shepherds when God speaks, we’re going to listen up, saddle up and speak up.

3rd December 2023 Offering Our Obedience Ps Josh Hartog

Matthew 1:18-25; 2:13-15, 19-23

The story of Joseph taking Mary to Bethlehem is a part of the Christmas story, but do we appreciate what Joseph’s obedience really cost. This Sunday we’re going to look at how Joseph teaches us to obey God in difficult times, in distant places, and in our daily lives. This Christmas will you offer to God your obedience?

26th November 2023 When God Disrupts Your Life Ps Josh Hartog

Luke 1:24-27,30-33,38-47,56

We are so familiar with the Christmas story that we can forget what a huge disruption the events that first Christmas were for those who experienced them. For Elizabeth, getting pregnant in her old age was a welcome disruption, but for Mary it was a very unwelcome disruption. What do we need to know when God disrupts our lives? What do we most need when our lives are turned upside down? What do we need to most remember this Christmas. Come along this Sunday and find out what do to when God disrupts your life.

19th November 2023 Great Expectations Ps Josh Hartog

What exactly were God’s people expecting that first Christmas? Were they even looking for God to save them? What about you – what are your expectations? This Sunday we’re going to explore the expectations of God’s people and what they were hoping God would do. And we’re going to look at our own expectations – what do we believe God will do? This Christmas we’re going to look at some expectations that you can have that will be greater than you ever hoped for!