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25th February 2024 Finding Firm Ground Ps Josh Hartog

Daniel 4

Have you ever experienced losing your footing, or the ground falling away suddenly beneath your feet? It’s a horrible sensation. This Sunday we’re going to see how Nebuchadnezzar was experiencing ease and prosperity when suddenly his whole world was turned upside down. We’re going to look at how he found solid ground, and how you and I can find solid ground only in Jesus Christ.

18th February 2024 Stand Firm Under Pressure Jacob Greatbatch

Daniel 3

This week we’re looking at the well-known story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. We’ll see that idols are very real and alluring, that we face pressure to conform to our personal and cultural idols, and that God is with us in the furnaces we face when we stand firm under that pressure.

11th February 2024 The Kingdom That Stands Firm Jacob Greatbatch

Daniel 2:1-45

Sometimes it can seem like we live in a crazy, messed-up world, with lots of disturbing things happening all around us. As God’s people we can wonder where it’s all going to end up. Daniel chapter 2 gives us a model of how to live in this kind of world, and a reminder that we belong to a Kingdom – and a King – who will overcome the world.

4th February 2024 Stand Firm Against the World Ps Josh Hartog

We live in an amazing and beautiful world, but it’s also a world filled with temptations to fit in and be like everyone else. That was the temptation for Daniel and his friends, to compromise their faith and fit in. This Sunday we’re going to look at some of the ways the world uses to make us fit in, and how like Daniel we can stand against the world. If you want to stand firm for Jesus this sermon is for you.

Previous Series

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Every Christmas we sing Christmas Carols that tell the story of Jesus and his birth.

This Christmas, join us as we explore the Songs of the Saviour.

It's one thing to say you follow Jesus, but why do you follow him? What is it about Jesus that would make you want to identify with him? This sermon series takes a look at Jesus himself and what it is about him that makes us want to follow him and learn from him.

Easter is the single-most significant event in the Christian calendar. It's the climax of the gospel, the heart of the Apostles' teaching, and the heart of the New Testament. But this Easter, I want to look at Easter in the Old Testament, through the prophet Isaiah.

This series on Deuteronomy talks about what it means to walk with the Lord, not just on Sundays but every day of our lives for the rest of our lives. Walking with the Lord means not just loving the Lord and living in a relationship with Him, it means living according to God's ways.

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In 2023 Westside Christian Church will specifically be working on Discipleship, Outreach and Community Engagement. Listen to these sermons to hear why these are biblical and valuable as a church focus.

God cares, not just about our outward behaviour, but also about the thoughts and attitudes of our hearts. This series

looks at what it means to invest in our inner lives in all circumstances.

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The Words of Jesus sermon series - Part 2

There were many witnesses of Jesus' death and resurrection. What were their responses to these events and how do they apply to us today?

Many Bibles today have Jesus’ words in red. In this series we’re going to look at the Words of Jesus throughout the gospels and how they are still very relevant for us today.