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9th June 2024 Praying Your Kingdom Come Pastor Josh Hartog

Matthew 6:9-13

We are so familiar with the Lord’s Prayer, but the things that Jesus tells us we ought to pray are filled

with deep theological meaning. This Sunday we’re going to explore God’s kingdom and what it means to pray ‘your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven.’ We’re going to look at what those phrases mean, what we’re actually asking God to do when we pray them, and why we should pray them every day.

2nd June 2024 Praying Our Father Pastor Josh Hartog

Matthew 6:5-13

One of the most significant relationships in our lives is the relationship with our father and mother. Jesus actually teaches that when we pray to God we should start, ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name!’ This morning we’re going to look at the amazing privilege it is to call God ‘our Father,’ the significance of the fact that he is ‘in heaven,’ and what exactly it means to ‘hallow his name.’ Understanding what Jesus means, changes our whole attitude to prayer.

26th May 2024 Prayer - What, Why and How Jacob Greatbatch

Luke 11:1-13

This sermon commences a new series of teaching on the Lord's Prayer, the model prayer that Jesus taught to his disciples. This sermon takes a bigger picture look at prayer to think about what prayer is, why we pray, and how the Lord's Prayer is a model for us. It's our hope that as we embark on this series together that we would be a church of people who see our need for prayer, want to pray, and delight in prayer.

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Every Christmas we sing Christmas Carols that tell the story of Jesus and his birth.

This Christmas, join us as we explore the Songs of the Saviour.

It's one thing to say you follow Jesus, but why do you follow him? What is it about Jesus that would make you want to identify with him? This sermon series takes a look at Jesus himself and what it is about him that makes us want to follow him and learn from him.

Easter is the single-most significant event in the Christian calendar. It's the climax of the gospel, the heart of the Apostles' teaching, and the heart of the New Testament. But this Easter, I want to look at Easter in the Old Testament, through the prophet Isaiah.

This series on Deuteronomy talks about what it means to walk with the Lord, not just on Sundays but every day of our lives for the rest of our lives. Walking with the Lord means not just loving the Lord and living in a relationship with Him, it means living according to God's ways.

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Love and Christmas are almost synonymous. The world believes Christmas is about love. And as Christians we agree. This sermon series explores what that love really looks like.

In 2023 Westside Christian Church will specifically be working on Discipleship, Outreach and Community Engagement. Listen to these sermons to hear why these are biblical and valuable as a church focus.

God cares, not just about our outward behaviour, but also about the thoughts and attitudes of our hearts. This series

looks at what it means to invest in our inner lives in all circumstances.

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The Words of Jesus sermon series - Part 2

There were many witnesses of Jesus' death and resurrection. What were their responses to these events and how do they apply to us today?

Many Bibles today have Jesus’ words in red. In this series we’re going to look at the Words of Jesus throughout the gospels and how they are still very relevant for us today.