Daniel - Stand Firm

19th May 2024 Stand Firm Hoping in the Resurrection Pastor Josh Hartog

Daniel 12:1-13

In this series we’ve been looking at how to stand firm in our faith. But do we just grit our teeth and stand firm? This Sunday we’re going to look at how we stand firm in the hope of the resurrection. We’re going to look at what Daniel says about the end times and what or who will get us through. And we’re going to look at what the Bible says about the resurrection and how we are guaranteed to be raised bodily from the dead.

12th May 2024 Stand Firm in Persecution Pastor Josh Hartog

Daniel 11

In Daniel chapter 11 we get a prophecy about the suffering and persecution that God’s people will face in the future. It describes one of the most terrible persecutions in Israel’s history. But how were they, and how should we, stand firm in persecution? This Sunday we’re going to look at the history of the

Maccabean Wars and how we can stand firm in persecution.

5th May 2024 Stand Firm with the Help of Angels Jacob Greatbatch

Daniel 10

Do you ever wonder about the role of angels in this world? Daniel chapter 10 is a chapter that gives us a unique insight into the angelic realm. This week at church we'll see what Daniel 10 has to say about angels, and how they reveal to us both the majesty and tenderness of God - a majesty and tenderness that is also revealed in Jesus. 

28th April 2024 Stand Firm Until the End Pastor Josh Hartog

Daniel 9:20-17

This Sunday we’re looking at how an angel visits Daniel and tells him one of the most disputed prophecies in the Bible. Daniel’s prayer was a response to Jeremiah’s prophecy of 70 years, but the angel’s message is not seventy years but seven times seventy years. We’re going to see that God’s ultimate plans aren’t fulfilled in the return of his people from exile, or the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Temple, but the coming of Jesus Christ.

21st April 2024 Stand Firm in Prayer Pastor Josh Hartog

Daniel 9:1-19

Daniel is an amazing example of someone who stands firm in their faith despite huge opposition. But this Sunday we’re going to look at the reason he stands firm through faithfulness in prayer. We’re going to look at four things Daniel 9 teaches us about prayer and how you can stand firm in prayer.

14th April 2024 The Ram and the Goat Jacob Greatbatch

Daniel 8

Daniel 8 is another unusual story of a vision Daniel received from God. Strange visions and hard-to-understand passages have something to teach God's people. Listen to this sermon to find out how you can be encouraged by apocalyptic literature.

7th April 2024 Stand Firm in Terrifying Times Ps Josh Hartog

Daniel 7:1-28

Our lives in Australia are pretty sheltered from the terror that many people, especially many Christians, face in this world. The world can sometimes be a terrifying place. This Sunday as we explore Daniel 7, we’re going to look at how to stand firm in terrifying times. We’re going to look at the sudden shift in Daniel 7, and what his vision of four terrifying beasts means for us today.

10th March 2024 Stand Firm in Your Faith Ps Josh Hartog

Daniel 6:1-28

The story of Daniel in the lions’ den is probably one of the most loved stories in the whole Bible. This Sunday we’re going to unpack that story and look at how it points us to Jesus, and how it calls us to stand firm in our faith in Jesus Christ, no matter what the world might throw at us.

3rd March 2024 Don't Stand Proud Ps Josh Hartog (written by Jacob Greatbatch)

Daniel 5

Daniel 5 is a cautionary tale about the danger of pride. This week we’ll be digging into this famous 'Writing on The Wall’ story to get a deeper understanding of what pride is, and how deep it goes. We’ll see the importance of humbling ourselves before God, who opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. We’ll see how Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of true humility.

25th February 2024 Finding Firm Ground Ps Josh Hartog

Daniel 4

Have you ever experienced losing your footing, or the ground falling away suddenly beneath your feet? It’s a horrible sensation. This Sunday we’re going to see how Nebuchadnezzar was experiencing ease and prosperity when suddenly his whole world was turned upside down. We’re going to look at how he found solid ground, and how you and I can find solid ground only in Jesus Christ.

18th February 2024 Stand Firm Under Pressure Jacob Greatbatch

Daniel 3

This week we’re looking at the well-known story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. We’ll see that idols are very real and alluring, that we face pressure to conform to our personal and cultural idols, and that God is with us in the furnaces we face when we stand firm under that pressure.

11th February 2024 The Kingdom That Stands Firm Jacob Greatbatch

Daniel 2:1-45

Sometimes it can seem like we live in a crazy, messed-up world, with lots of disturbing things happening all around us. As God’s people we can wonder where it’s all going to end up. Daniel chapter 2 gives us a model of how to live in this kind of world, and a reminder that we belong to a Kingdom – and a King – who will overcome the world.

4th February 2024 Stand Firm Against the World Ps Josh Hartog

We live in an amazing and beautiful world, but it’s also a world filled with temptations to fit in and be like everyone else. That was the temptation for Daniel and his friends, to compromise their faith and fit in. This Sunday we’re going to look at some of the ways the world uses to make us fit in, and how like Daniel we can stand against the world. If you want to stand firm for Jesus this sermon is for you.