Vision 2024

28th January 2024 Stirring up the Saints Ps Josh Hartog

What does encouragement look like in the church? How do we encourage people in a way that shows that we care? This Sunday we’re going to look at the biblical command to stir up one another. We’re going to look at four unbiblical ways that people do that. We’re going to see the goal of stirring one another up. And we’re going to look at a biblical model of encouragement. If you want to be stirred up you need to come to church this Sunday.

21st January 2024 Evangelism Jacob Greatbatch

Evangelism is something that we often struggle with, for lots of different reasons. This week we’ll be thinking about evangelism through the lenses of head, heart, and hands in order to be more convicted, motivated and equipped for the work of sharing the gospel.

14th January 2024 Becoming More Like Jesus Ps Josh Hartog

Discipleship is all about becoming more like Jesus, but what does that mean? In what ways are we to become more like Jesus? This Sunday we’re going to look at seven marks of spiritual maturity. These are seven things that Jesus did, that if we’re going to become more like him, we need to be doing as well. But we’re also going to look at how we are to become more like Jesus in character. To do the things Jesus did without the character of Jesus is to not become like Jesus!

7th January 2024 Equipping the Saints for Service Ps Josh Hartog

Ephesians 4:1-16

Training is a trendy idea, but it’s not something the church stole from the business world, rather it’s biblical. This Sunday we’re going to see how Jesus gave us leaders to train and equip God’s people. We’re going to see how they do that, what is the goal, and what happens when they don’t do it. This year we want to focus on training you, but do you want to be trained?