Sermons 2020

Praying with Eyes Wide Open

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray continually

This sermon series unpacks what it looks like to ‘pray continually’ in our everyday lives. As we unpack this verse you will see that ‘praying continuously’ is not an overwhelmingly impossible command. Rather, it is an opportunity for limitless time with our heavenly Father. This series is based on the book ‘Praying with Eyes Wide Open’ by Sherry Harney.

Praying with Eyes Wide Open 19th January 2020

In this sermon I want to un-teach what you have been taught about prayer. We’re going to learn that you don’t have to bow your head and fold our hands or close our eyes to pray, and we’re going to learn how to pray with our eyes open. We’re going to unlearn unbiblical views of God and learn who exactly is this God that you pray to. And finally, we’re going to draw it all together and learn how you can pray continuously.

Praying with Ears Wide Open 26th January 2020

Psalm 143:1-12 Does God speak to you? Often we think of prayer as what we do, but the Bible talks about prayer as a dialogue between us and our heavenly Father. In this sermon we’re going to learn that God still speaks today, and how he does that. We’re going to learn how we can train our ears to listen to God and the things that hinder us form hearing God. And we’re going to learn how to make prayer a dialogue between us and God.

Praying with Hearts Wide Open 2nd February 2020

God doesn’t just want us to pray with our eyes and ears open, but with our hearts open. God wants us to realise just how much he loves us, he wants us to pour out our hearts to him in prayer, and he wants to prepare our hearts for the spiritual battle we face as followers of Jesus. This sermon will help you learn what it means to pray with your heart wide open to God.

Praying with Lives Wide Open 9th February 2020

When we pray are we willing to allow God to direct and lead our lives. Prayer isn’t just about us and our needs, but about praying for other people, and praying with other people, and praying for God to intervene in every aspect of our lives and the lives of other people. Are you willing to go on an adventure with God and pray with your life wide open?