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2020 Sermon Series

Click the images to see the individual sermons within each series.

The Bible tells us that Jesus is God’s gift to the world, but what sort of gift is Jesus? The clue to what sort of gift Jesus is, can be found in the gifts that the three wise men give. Each gift gives us an insight into who Jesus is and how the gift of Jesus changes our lives. Join us this Christmas as we look at the Kingly Gift, the Priestly Gift, the Sacrificial Gift, and the Love Gift.

Isaac is probably one of the least known characters in the Bible. Even though he’s one of the three patriarchs, we tend to think of Abraham and Jacob and that other guy. In this series we’re going to look at who is Isaac and what he has to teach us about life, particularly living in a relationship with God.

In this sermon series we look at Peter’s first letter and how we can live as God’s people in a broken world. Sermon titles include: Living as Elect Exiles I, A Living Hope, Living Holy, The Living Word, The Living Stone, Living as Elect Exiles II, Living Submissively, Living with Suffering 1, Living Obediently, Living with Suffering II and Living as God’s People.

Follow this link to find stand-alone sermons. Titles include A Christian Response to Racism, I Love God’s Word, Being the Church, God’s Love and Hate and Restoring Your Garden.

The Transformed series is based on Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…” The eight sermons in this series challenges Christians to be transformed in key areas of life. These sermons are based on the Transformed series by Rick Warren.

The ‘Attitudes in Adversity’ sermon series examines the attitudes of Jesus in his life and death. As Christians, we are called to face adversity in the same manner.

Esther is different from any other book in the Bible, it’s the only book in the Bible where God is never mentioned. But while God isn’t mentioned we see God working all through this story. In this series I want you to see in Esther God’s unlikely Saviour, and I want you to see how Esther points us to Jesus.

This sermon series unpacks what it looks like to ‘pray continuously’ in our everyday lives. As we unpack this verse you will see that ‘praying continuously’ is not an overwhelmingly impossible command. Rather, it is an opportunity for limitless time with our heavenly Father. This series is based on the book ‘Praying with Eyes Wide Open’ by Sherry Harney.