Being a Christian isn’t about being religious, or joining a church, it’s about having a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. God loves you. God loves you so much that he sent His own Son, Jesus, to die on the cross so that through faith in him you would be forgiven, be reconciled with God, and receive eternal life. Our desire is that you would not only know God’s amazing love for you, but that you would grow in your love for God as well.


But Jesus also said that people would know that we are following him, by our love for each other (Jn 13:35). Jesus calls us to love one another, to love the lost, and to even love our enemies. We want you to experience God’s love in our church. We want you to know that we love you, and we want to invite you into our family. The Church exists so that God can show His love for you through us, but also so God can show his love for us through you. We invite you to come along to church, to join one of our small groups, and to invest yourself in the lives of your brothers and sisters in Christ.


One of the ways that we show our love for people is through our care ministry. We provide food vouchers for families struggling financially in our local community. We also provide support groups for people going through divorce or other difficult issues in life. If you would like to access our care ministry please ring Pastor Josh on 0423 814 700 or send a message via email.