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2022 Sermon Series

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Love and Christmas are almost synonymous. The world believes Christmas is about love. And as Christians we agree. This sermon series explores what that love really looks like.

In 2023, Westside Christian Church will specifically be working on Discipleship, Outreach and Community Engagement. Listen to these sermons to hear why these are biblical and valuable as a church focus.

Proverbs 4:23 says ‘Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.’ In his 1670 novel ‘Keeping the Heart’, John Flavel says, ‘The greatest difficulty in conversion is to win the heart for God, and the greatest difficulty after conversion is to keep the heart with God.’ This series is about giving you the tools to keep your heart with all vigilance.

Miscellaneous stand-alone titles from 2022. Including ‘A Good Death’.

Part 2 of The Words of Jesus sermon series

We know the story of Jesus’ resurrection, but imagine if we had been there to witness the celebration of Palm Sunday, the confusion of the Last Supper, the pain of His crucifixion, and the miracle of His resurrection. The Witness His Resurrection Easter series imagines the perspectives of people who were there for some or all of what we now call Holy Week.

Most Bibles today have Jesus’ words in red, and in this series we’re going to look at the Words of Jesus. From Jesus’ first words to his last, and including his use of Old Testament passages, listen to this series to gain a greater understanding of the words Jesus spoke while he walked the earth.