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Unwrapping Christmas

1. Unwrapping the Genealogy of Jesus 19th December 2021

Text: Matthew 1:1,3a,5-6,16-17

Why do we make such a big deal out of Christmas? This Christmas we’re going to look at the significance of Jesus’ birth. And this Sunday we’re going to start with the Genealogy of Jesus. Why does Matthew begin the story of Jesus’ birth with a long list of names? It’s not to bore us, but to remind us that Jesus’s birth is a real historical event and the fulfilment of God’s plans to save humanity. We’re going to see the significance of the women that Matthew includes in Jesus’ genealogy, and how anyone can be part of Jesus’ family. And we’re going to look at the significance of the three sets of 14 generations, and how they point to Jesus as the source of our rest, freedom and restoration. This Sunday we’re going to unwrap Jesus’ genealogy.

2. Uncovering the Light of Jesus 25th December 2021

Text: Isaiah 9:2,6-7

How do you know Christmas has arrived? There are a few indicators, but the most obvious one is when the Christmas lights appear on your neighbours house. Christmas lights remind us that Jesus is the light of the world. But they also remind us that light shines the brightest in darkness. This Christmas we’re going to look at the darkness in our world and in our lives, how the light of Jesus brings life, truth, and beauty into our lives, and how Jesus deserves our worship, inspires our worship, and makes our worship possible.

3. Unwrapping the Significance of Jesus’ Parents 26th December 2021

Text: Matthew 1:18-23

How often do people tell you, ‘You’re just like your dad?’ or ‘You’re just like your mum?’ Genetics mean that there’s a little bit of our parents in each of us. This Sunday we’re going to look at how Jesus reflects his parents. How as God’s Son, he is fully God, and as Mary’s Son, he is fully human. Jesus is not only God with us, he is also God as one of us. The Incarnation is one of the most significant doctrines of the Bible. Come along this Sunday as we unwrap the significance of Jesus’ parents.