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Sharing the Good News

1. The Foundation of Evangelism 7th November 2021

What do you think of when you hear the word evangelism? Maybe you think of Billy Graham, or the Apostle Paul and think, ‘I can’t do that!’ Maybe you think of JWs knocking on your door and asking awkward questions and think, ‘I don’t want to do that!’ In this series we’re going to rediscover the joys of Sharing the Good News of Jesus with other people. This Sunday we’re going to look at some of the reasons we don’t tell other people about Jesus, and some bad foundations for evangelism, but we’re going to focus on the foundation for evangelism. We tell people about Jesus because God loves us and we love him, and ultimately because we love the lost. If you’ve ever felt uncertain about sharing your faith, this series is for you.

2. The Heart of Evangelism Romans 10:13-17 14th November 2021

What when you get right down to it is the heart of evangelism? Why should we share the gospel, what actually is the gospel, and who exactly should be sharing it? This Sunday we’re going to look at these three questions. Firstly, we’re going to see that the heart of evangelism is the desperate need of spiritually lost people. Secondly, the heart of evangelism is the Good News of God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ. And thirdly, the heart of evangelism is the message that has been given to us all to proclaim. This Sunday come and discover how the Good News of Jesus is yours to share.

3. Principles of Effective Evangelism Acts 1:6-8 21st November 2021

To bake a cake you need certain ingredients, and to be effective in evangelism you need certain things as well. This Sunday we’re going to look at six principles of effective evangelism. We’re going to see that our personal relationship with Jesus is essential to sharing the gospel, and why we need the power of the Holy Spirit. We’re going to focus on training next Sunday, but this Sunday we’re going to look at two things you can do to prepare yourself to share the gospel. Finally, we’re going to look at how sharing the gospel is our responsibility, the responsibility of the whole church, but ultimately God’s responsibility. These principles will enhance our evangelistic effectiveness.

4. Practical Evangelism 28th November 2021

How will you reach your neighbour with the gospel? It’s not enough to just love them or be nice to them, at some point they will need to hear the gospel about Jesus. This Sunday we’re going to look at four practical things you can do to reach your neighbour.