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Praying for Our Church

1. Jesus’ Prayer for the Church John 17:20-26 11th July 2021

The Bible calls us to pray about all sorts of things, but in the New Testament one of the most common types of prayers is praying for the church. This Sunday we’re going to look at Jesus’ prayer in John 17. Jesus prayed for you, and he prayed for three particular things, for unity, for your future destiny, and for your faith. If Jesus prayed for those things, how much should we be praying for those things as well?

2. Praying for Jesus’ Glory 2 Thessalonians 1:3-12 18th July 2021

Do your prayers for other people seem superficial? Do you just pray that they would be happy and healthy and successful? This Sunday we’re going to look at what Paul prayed for his fellow believers in Thessalonica. We’re going to see how Paul thanked God for signs of his grace working in their lives. We’re going to see how Paul prayed with an eternal perspective, how his confidence wasn’t in their current circumstances by God’s righteous judgments. But ultimately Paul prayed for Jesus’ glory. This Sunday God is going to encourage us to pray for things that really matter, for things that have eternal significance.

3. Thanking God for His People 1 Thessalonians 3:9-13 25th July 2021

There are a million things we ought to be thanking God for, but one of the things that we often take for granted are our brothers and sisters in Christ. In almost every letter he wrote, Paul tells them how much he thanks God for them. This Sunday we’re going to look at why Paul is so thankful for his brothers and sisters in Christ, how he thanks God for them, and the purpose for which he prays for them. We’re going to see what fuels our thankfulness for God’s people.

4. Praying for Spiritual Wisdom Colossians 1:9-14 1st August 2021

Often our prayers are in response to people’s immediate physical or material needs, but this Sunday we’re going to be challenged to pray for people’s spiritual needs. Paul prays that people would know God’s will for their lives. We’re going to see that there are two ways that the bible talks about God’s will., and why it’s important to know the difference. Paul prays that we would live in a way that pleases God, and we’re going to explore four different ways that we can do that.

5. Praying for Spiritual Revival Philippians 1:3-11 8th August 2021

We all have excuses for not praying more, but this Sunday we’re going to see how important it is to pray. Paul prays for spiritual revival, that God would make our love abound more and more, that God would enable us to approve what is excellent, and that God would make us holy. We’re going to look at exactly what Paul means by those things. But we’re also going to see that those things are ends in themselves. We need to pray that God would work in the lives of his people if they’re going to bring him glory.

6. Praying for Enlightened Hearts Ephesians 1:15-23 15th August 2021

Our world searches for enlightenment, for understanding, but often that’s understanding of ourselves. Paul on the other hand prays that God would enlighten our hearts, that we would know three things. Those three things won’t just change how we feel about ourselves, they will change our eternal destiny. They won’t just draw us deeper into ourselves, but draw us out of ourselves, that we might know God better, that we might know eternal hope, that we might know God’s Almighty power at work in our lives. This Sunday you will find what it truly means to be enlightened.

7. Praying for God’s Power Ephesians 3:14-21 22nd August 2021

In a world where power is abused all the time Paul’s prayer that God might strengthen us by his power seems out of place. This Sunday we’re going to look at God’s power and how it works in our lives. We’re going to see that it’s not to make us powerful, but to make us more like Jesus. God’s power is all about renovating our spiritually dilapidated lives. In fact, Paul prays for God’s power so that we might know Jesus’ love. God’s power strengthens us as Jesus’ love fills us. Come along this Sunday as we unpack Paul’s power prayer.

8. Praying for Your Pastor Romans 15:30-33 29th August 2021

Being a pastor has its challenges, but one of the greatest is that they are Satan’s favourite target to undermine the validity of the church and bring disrepute to the name of Christ. Paul not only prayed constantly for the church, but he consistently asked the church to pray for him. This Sunday I want to encourage you to pray for me as your pastor, that God would protect me from evil, that he would bless my ministry, and that he would use me to bless you.