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5 Reasons Why Jesus Had to Die

1. Righteousness Romans 3:20-26 21st March 2021

At Easter we celebrate the death of Jesus Christ, but often we don’t think about why Jesus had to die. This Easter we’re going to look at five reasons Jesus died. This Sunday we’re going to look at how Jesus died to deal with our unrighteousness and make us righteous in God’s eyes. If you’ve ever wondered how it could be right to declare a sinner like yourself righteous, then this is the Sunday for you. But righteousness isn’t just about our standing with God, it’s also about what we do. Jesus died that we might live a righteous life. Prepare to be both comforted and challenged.

2. Reconciliation Rom 5:10-11; Col 1:20-22; 2 Cor 5:18-20 27th March 2021

Have you ever experienced a conflict with a close friend or family member? Do you know the pain from a broken relationship? That’s exactly what’s happened between God and us, our relationship with him has been broken, and we are in conflict with God! This Sunday come and hear how this broken relationship with God came about, and how you can not only be reconciled with God, but with other people. We celebrate Easter because it’s the foundation of our reconciliation with God and with each other. This Sunday you will be challenged to join the ministry of reconciliation!

3. Redemption Ephesians 1:3-7 2nd April 2021

We’re all familiar with redeeming a gift card to buy the thing that you want. In the same way God redeems us through the death of his Son, Jesus. This Good Friday join us as we look at why we need redeeming, how we’re slaves to sin and how Jesus ransoms us from our sin. But most importantly we’re going to see how our redemption changes us, how we have been set free from our sin, how we now belong to God, and how we live differently. This Easter we remember that we have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

4. Resurrection 1 Corinthians 15:1-6,12-26,35-58 4th April 2021

This morning I want to look at how Jesus’ resurrection is the basis of our resurrection. Jesus’ resurrection not only proves that Jesus was who he said he was, it also foreshadows our resurrection, and it’s the basis of our eternal hope. As we look at Paul’s chapter on the resurrection in first Corinthians 15, we’re going to see how the resurrection of Jesus is central to the gospel and what happens if there is no resurrection. We’re going to look at the truth about Jesus’ resurrection and the truth about our resurrection. And finally, how it changes you and me right now.

5. Regeneration Romans 6:1-13 11th April 2021

In this sermon we’re going to look at regeneration, how God gives us a new life in Jesus through the Holy Spirit. We’re going to see why we need to be regenerated, how we are regenerated, and what this new life we have in Jesus looks like. We’re going to see how you can renew your mind, grow in your longing for spiritual things, and how you can put off your old self and put on your new self.